Bimonthly Activity

Three days into the training of the new generation of students at the Foundation, there was plenty of time on Monday, April 29, for them to get to know the previous generation. Every two months the Foundation organizes an Activity Day called „Actividad Bimensual“ and the last one was used to bring both generations of students together. For this day, the students could prepare games, stands, and short performances.

I joined the girls of the Administration class to perform a dance which portrayed the weekly cleaning service of the students in a funny way. In the sketch the students started dancing instead of cleaning.

The Refrigeration class presented a sketch showing a class trip with the instructors Nathanael and Hairon. Everybody had a great laugh!

Finally, the students sang karaoke, played board games, and even organised a football tournament. The Mechanics class had set up a „Mecaferia“ (a mechanics market), with game stands like on a real fair. One could even win prizes, such as tool-shaped key rings.

Hopefully the new batch of students can now start their Samuel training full of motivation and energy!






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